Kd and Rrs Spectra

Some food for thought before our next LunchBOMB meeting:
  • Figure (1) = plots Kav versus date. This water-column average attenuation is computed using the method discussed in Kirk, (The vertical attenuation of irradiance as a function of the optical properties of the water, Limnol. Oceanogr., 48(1) 2003, 9-17)
  • Figure(2) = Kav Spectra computed using the same method at each waveband, which I modified to deal with problems with noisy spectra.
  • Figure(3) = Remote-sensing reflectance spectra computed from hyperProfiler data in stationary mode. Each LU spectra has a corresponding reference ES spectra and depth (typically around 0.8 meters). I transmitted ES through the air-sea interface by multiplying by 0.95 and then attenuated the result to depth using the spectral Kav.
  • Adam discovered a regime shift in the fluorescence/chlorophyll ratio (from a low ratio to a high ratio) that occurs sometime between March and April, after the onset of the Spring bloom. The Rrs spectra in Figure (3) also shows a regime shift occurring between March and April. Adam can confirm, but I thing these shifts are coincidental.


Figure (1)


Figure (2)


Figure (3)

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