Ocean Fertilization


Penny Chisholm from MIT and John Cullen receive the Ruth Patrick Award from the American Society for Limnology and Oceanography:

Ruth Patrick Award

Jointly to Penny Chisholm and John Cullen for their significant contributions to the global community in their foresight and effective efforts in addressing the environmental impacts of ocean iron fertilization which has led to high quality research on iron biogeochemistry and plankton dynamics as well as the development of key policies through the International Maritime Organization and UN Convention on Biodiversity.

Drs. Chisholm and Cullen were nominated by Philip Boyd with letters of endorsement provided by Ken Denman, Charlie Miller, and Pat Glibert.

Profile in Dal News:
Award Presentation and Acceptance @ ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2012, in Shiga, Japan (Video):


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Symposium on Ocean Iron Fertilization, September 26, 2007.

J.J. Cullen. “What are the (intended and unintended) ecological consequences of large scale iron fertilization? ” (video)
Slides and video from all presenters

ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Nice, France, January 30, 2009.

J.J. Cullen. “Science, Policy, and Fertilization of the Ocean for Carbon Offsets: Reflections on Twenty Years of Debate. ” (video)

Opinion Piece in Nature
(September 2009)

Strong, A., Chisholm, S., Miller, C., Cullen, J.J – Ocean Fertilization: time to move on – Nature 461, 347-348 (17 September 2009)
Extended excerpts and discussion

Peer-reviewed Publications

Oceanography Magazine, September 2009

Strong, A.L., J.J. Cullen, and S.W. Chisholm.
Ocean fertilization: Reviewing the science, policy, and commercial activity and charting a new course forward.
Oceanography 22(3): 236-261.
[pdf 1.0 MB] . [hi-res pdf 7.6 MB]

Marine Ecology Progress Series, 2008
Cullen, J.J. and P.W. Boyd – 2008 – Predicting and verifying the intended and unintended consequences of large-scale ocean fertilization – Marine Ecology Progress Series, 364: 295-301, doi:10.3354/meps07551

Science, 2007
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Supplementary Materials

Journal of Limnography and Oceanography
Cullen, J.J. – 1995 – Status of the iron hypothesis after the open-ocean enrichment experiment. - Limnol. Oceanogr., 40, 1336-1343.

Cullen, J.J. – 1991 – Hypotheses to explain high-nutrient conditions in the open sea. – Limnol. Oceanogr., 36, 1578-1599.

Journal of Geophysical Research

Cullen, J.J., Lewis, M.R., Davis, C.O., and Barber, R.T. – 1992 – Photosynthetic characteristics and estimated growth rates indicate grazing is the proximate control of primary production in the equatorial Pacific. – J. Geophys. Res., 97, 639-654.


Nature Network, 23/06/2009 – Catchy Headlines vs. Sound Science